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Plant sales, educational events, volunteer opportunities and more.....


We will feature select news & events related to native plants, native pollinators, conservation, and restoration on a seasonal basis here, so keep checking in or follow us on Facebook to stay updated.

Featured news & events:


Spring is here, and summer is on the way!

Flowers are blooming and we are ready for a great season. Lets all plant some native plants and cultivate biodiversity! Visit our plant list to see what is currently in stock at the nursery. We are open by appointment Thursday through Sunday, so...

Call or email us at 503.449.3694, schedule an appointment to visit!


The Pacific Northwest Native Plant Primer

Our book, The Pacific Northwest Native Plant Primer: 225 Plants for an Earth-Friendly Garden, with publisher Timber Press was released in the spring of 2023! We feel this is a great resource for regional gardeners, particularly in Oregon and Washington. It contains useful information for both beginning and seasoned native plant lovers and covers more than 225 species as we make suggestions of alternate species for different habitats and ecoregions in many of the plant profiles.

Available wherever books are sold. We also have copies for sale in the nursery, so make an appointment to visit us and go home with a book and some plants recommended for you by the authors!

See what people are saying about our book and read reviews here 


Seattle Times article "5 books for gardeners that paint an optimistic reading list for winter"


Northwest Horticultural Society webinar

May 15th, 6:30-8pm

Join us as we talk about the true beauty of gardening with native plants. Register here:


The Garden Show: Gardening with Native Plants

Thursday, May 16th, 6-7pm, The Dalles Art Center, The Dalles, OR

As part of The Garden Show at The Dalles Art Center, we will be speaking on the evening of Thursday, May 16th about how to cultivate both beauty and biodiversity by gardening with native plants. This exhibit runs from April 18th-May 23rd and showcases "regional Cascadia artists who are creating work in response to the prompt: How does nature show up in our everyday lives through a garden? Historically, gardens have been designed to tame the wild with the use of landscaping tools and chemicals. In more recent years, aligned with the effort to create pollinator/bird/animal-friendly green spaces has helped to increase the use of native plants and to reduce the use of chemicals. In this exhibit, artists are reckoning with the concepts of traditional and non-traditional standards of beauty as they explore the wild in our everyday lives."


Hood River's First Friday Art Walk in June

Friday, June 7, 5pm-7pm

301 Gallery, 301 Oak Street, Hood River

We will be bringing copies of our book, The Pacific Northwest Native Plant Primer, to the "Buzz! Pollinators" show on the first Friday of June. This event will showcase the work of local artists celebrating the beauty and importance of pollinators. Come see the art and get a book to help you plant the plants that our local pollinators depend on!


Find our plants at Dirt Hugger

You can now find a selection of our plants at Dirt Hugger's landscape supply store in The Dalles! We use Dirt Hugger soil mixes to grow all of our plants, and are happy to partner with this ecologically minded business and great crew of people to help you get growing. 

Dirt Hugger Landscape Supply

749 Snipes St., The Dalles, OR 97058

Open: Mon-Fri 8-5pm, Sat 9-4pm (closed Sunday)


Humble Roots on Cultivating Place

Jennifer Jewell interviewed us for her podcast, Cultivating Place. Listen to this episode of the program (which aired November 2nd, 2023) wherever you get your podcasts...and keep listening! This is a great show with deep insights for plant lovers, gardeners, and anyone who appreciates the greenery of the world.


Link to the program: Growing Home: Humble Roots on Cultivating Place

See below for information about Jennifer's book, Under Western Skies, which features the wetland planting in this photo and efforts to cultivate biodiversity by Sheila Ford Richmond and our very own Andrew.


Mt. Adams Institute's Sense of Place Lecture -  Mountaintop to Backyard: The Beauty of the Gorge's Native Plants

Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River

Follow this link to see our talk in December of 2023 about the native plants of the Columbia River Gorge and the true beauty of gardening with them:

Humble Roots-SOP presentation on YouTube


Learn more about oaks!

East Cascades Oak Partnership

Learn more about the oak trees of the East Cascades with the East Cascades Oak Partnership (run by the Columbia Land Trust).


Mosier White Oaks Group

Learn about Oregon white oaks and how to spot the newest threat to these important trees, the Mediterranean oak borer (MOB).

Mosier White Oaks Group website

Join the Mosier White Oaks Group's iNaturalist Bioblitz. Help us record the plants and wildlife of Mosier! Learn more here: Mosier Bioblitz


Native Seeds: Supplying Restoration video series.

Created by the International Network for Seed-Based Restoration (INSR) and Hidden Films with support from a number of organizations and agencies, this is a beautifully made video series exploring the need for native seed in restoration and the native seed supply chain in the western United States.

Watch the full length documentary or individual episodes:


OregonFlora needs your help!

OregonFlora is a vital resource for anyone interested in Oregon's native flora. Their website provides identification tools and information about native plants and gardening with native plants. In addition, they are producing a three volume comprehensive, illustrated guide to the flora of the state.

This important organization relies on community donations and is in need of donations to continue its work.

Donate and tour the website at:

Order Vol 1 and 2 of the Flora of Oregon or purchase the Oregon Wildflowers app here:


Create nesting habitat for bees and beneficial insects.

When doing any cleanup in the garden, keep in mind that many of our native bees (which also happen to be solitary and stingless) spend the winter underground, in cavities in trees, or the pithy stems of plants. There are many ways to promote, protect, and provide for these vital insect allies, including specific ways of pruning and maintaining your landscape. The Xerces Society provides some great information and online publications which can educate gardeners on how to truly maintain a year-round pollinator-friendly garden.

Learn more about providing nesting resources for pollinators here:

Fall gardening for pollinators webinar September 21st, 2023. This class will be recorded and posted to the Xerces Society YouTube channel.


Book features Sheila Ford Richmond's home and neighborhood gardens in Hood River


Under Western Skies is a beautifully photographed and written book by Caitlin Atkinson and Jennifer Jewell that showcases innovative gardens in the American West where nature is the inspiration. It features the hard work of Sheila Ford Richmond and our very own An"Drew".

Under Western Skies


The Columbia Gorge is well known for its beautiful wildflowers...

We encourage everyone to take a few steps to help protect the beautiful native wildflowers of the Gorge while out hiking....

*Clean weed seeds from footwear before hitting the trail and use boot brushes at trail heads to help stop the spread of invasive plants that could harm native plant populations.

*Stay on the trail and please don't pick native wildflowers! What looks like a common flower may actually be a rare subspecies or an endemic species and picking them could do more harm to the population than you may think.

*Do not post locations of rare plants on social media.


Learn more with others...


Learn more about our amazing regional flora through hikes, lectures, and volunteer opportunities with your local native plant society.

Washington Native Plant Society:

Native Plant Society of Oregon:


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