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Plants & Prices

Plant List

Plant & Price List

Pacific Northwest Native plant species currently available in the nursery.....

click on the photo to see our list of currently available plants.

Go to our photo gallery to see pictures of the plants we work with and a link to information about each species.

For nursery appointments & orders:


*Call or email for current quantities available.

*Local delivery available.

Our Plant List Changes - check back in the future to see what's new!  

We Also offer:

contract growing & seed collecting

on-site consultations and plant surveying.


Contact us for more info and to inquire about species not Found on our Plant List

Native Milkweed

We sell plants & seed of PNW native Milkweeds

play a part in supporting our native pollinators and the monarch butterfly


Call or email us to place an order


*local on-site seed collection may be available. This can be a way to ensure that the seed you are using is site appropriate. it is also a way that we can help non-profits and  conservation land owners have a more economical way of getting appropriate plant material. Contract growing is also available.

                                            Contact us for more information

We try to reuse plastic pots in order to reduce nursery waste. We will gladly take your used plastic containers in these sizes:

(Please no broken or damaged pots, instead recycle those at your nearest facility)

we accept:

1 Gallon (square & round),   2 Gallon and larger,   cross bottom Band pots any size,   deep flats and trays


 we do not Accept:

4” size pots,   squat & round flower pots,   hanging baskets,   no soft plastic

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